Wednesday, 26 October 2011


              Ehem, lama aku tidak active mem"blogging". Yalah, may be hot-hot chicken shit (hangat-hangat tahi ayam) jer lepas sign-up. Aku mengaku itu..hehehe
Yalah, aku ada membaca satu blog ni. Kira femes gak... focusing more on financial and those kind of blogs is the one I like.. Apa kaitan tu? Ok, this blog is really talking about finance [personal finance, I meant :D ] but once in a while, will talk on other light topics. So this blogs highlights for those new bloggers will last only half a year only. So for those seek for passive income, blogging activities are suitable to do so. Em, tapi kita bukan cakap pasal finance ya... Cuma aku mengaku bahawa blogger baru cuma bertahan setengah tahun jer.. Bab mencari passive income itu, hanya kamu yang tahu. Only the sky is the limit, is it not?

Yah, yang terbaca article ni, wish you all have a very good time/moment.

Good day,

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